Sandy Point Beach Club offers a week of activities geared to suit any age group.


Orientation is at 9.30 – tells you about the resort and the activities planned for you for the week. This is followed by a brief presentation from our tour representatives and a SUMPTOUS LOCAL BREAKFAST.

MINI- SIGHTSEEING TOUR – takes you along the Store Bay Local road, then to Lowlands through VHL, to the Old Milford Road, through Scarborough to Fort King George. Then to Plymouth, the Mystery Tomb Stone and Fort James, drive through the village of Black Rock to have a quick glimpse of Fort Bennet to Buccoo Point where the famous Sunday School is held. (US$15 / TT$90)


Bring us to our RAIN FOREST TOUR (an unforgettable walk through the Oldest Reserve in the West Hemisphere). Over 400 species of tropical birds, exotic flora and fauna. ( all inclusive whole day tour. (US$80 / TT$480)

SUNDAY SCHOOL – The Famous Street Party where you are enchanted by the beat of the steel pan music, local craft on sale. It is the ideal place where all hang- out. (US$10 / TT$60)


BIRD WATCHING TOUR – A cool afternoon drive to the Arnos Vale Hotel, where you enjoy their unique tea service and hotel comes alive with the songs of birds, where a wide variety of tropical birds join you to be fed by hand. (US$25 / TT$150).

HAPPY HOUR – Welcome to Alvira’s famous rum punch and fruit punch, one hour of free punch from 6pm-7pm. Come and enjoy and watch the Sunset.

BINGO NIGHT– Come try your luck and win the jackpot.


WINDWARD TOUR – wander along the rugged windswept Atlantic coast to reveal some of Tobago’s uniquely incredible beauty. Experience the tranquil sightseeing until you reach Speyside, snorkel, swim and enjoy the fabulous fish-up from the glass bottom boat from Angel Reef located off of Goat Island. Then enjoy a truly great taste of local cuisine from the famous Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant. Finally experience the natural massage of the Argyle Waterfalls. An all inclusive trip whole day tour (US$80 / TT$480)

CALYPSO NIGHT – Enjoy one hour of humorous calypso at the clubhouse. You can join in and sing along.


SHOPPING TRIP awaits you. Take a drive to the capital Scarborough, check out the local market area and souvenir shops. Stop at the famous batik shop (Cotton House) and then back to the resort for a hearty lunch of Roti. (US$20 / TT$120)

KARAOKE NIGHT– Come join in the fun and sing along. Guarantee FUN FUN!!!!


HAPPY HOUR – Welcome to Alvira’s famous rum punch and fruit punch; one hour of free punch from 6pm-7pm again. Come and enjoy and watch the Sun go down.

FAREWELL BARBEQUE DINNER at the POOLSIDE – priced just for you. Enjoy a tasty treat of a Special BBQ Recipe from the Beach Café.

FLAMING LIMBO – After that hearty meal we great you with our FLAMING LIMBO DANCER – Greet Ashton and try the Limbo!!!


This is the busiest day of the week, we bid goodbye to many of our guests and prepare to WELCOME a new group for a wonderful week at Sandy Point Beach Club.

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Sandy Point Beach Club, Tobago
Sandy Point Beach Club, Tobago