Modern timesharing started in Europe in the 1960’s and was simply an arrangement whereby a number of parties joined together to buy and manage a holiday resort for their mutual benefit. Timesharing has since become an enduring feature of leisure and travel across the globe. Today, millions enjoy myriad benefits from this fast growing trend. When you buy a timeshare, you buy the right to occupy the accommodation and to use and enjoy the amenities provided, rather than purchasing the property itself, collectively.

Now, Time is more than money

The beauty of timesharing is its simplicity

A timesharing resort’s yearly calendar is divided into one-week units or 52 units per apartment. At Sandy Point, two weeks are retained by the Club for maintenance/ renovations. You may purchase as many units as you like in the time period/s of your choice. These units may be used in the same way as other instruments of trade. You can allow family and friends to use your time. You can bequeath, rent or sell your units. Or you may exchange your units for time at other resorts, allowing you to holiday at you choice of 4000 affiliated resorts worldwide, at any time of year.

Time is on your side

When you purchase timeshare units at Sandy Point Beach Club it’s a one-time payment. After the initial payment, all you pay is the annual maintenance fee. Sandy Point Beach Club, like other timeshare resorts, is managed by a group of professionals who specialize in the hotel and resort industry. Your annual fee pays them to do all the work, making the timeshare investment even more attractive to vacationers who never have to worry about the running or up-keep of the property.

A home in every time zone

Once you have banked your units with RCI*, you may request a similar sized unit at any of the 4000 affiliated resorts, wherever or whenever you wish to travel. For example, if you made an initial timeshare purchase of two weeks in March at Sandy Point, you can trade them for one week’s vacation in Bali in January, and a week in Switzerland in summer. In both instances, you will stay in world-class resorts without having to spend a cent on accommodation.

* RCI is the largest time share exchange company in the world with over 5000 affiliate timeshare locations.

Are timeshares worth the financial investment?

Besides the obvious savings on accommodation and the growing real estate value which timeshares allow you, they are, most of all, an investment in leisure and peace of mind. Thousands of individuals and families around the world are waking up to the benefits of vacationing, which have become less of a luxury and more necessity in today’s hectic world. Timeshare provide you with the time, space and flexibility to make your vacation experience an enjoyable one.

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