1. The on-site amenities (except restaurant, bar, mini-mart and boutique) are for the exclusive use of people residing in the complex. Residents are expected to use discretion in the number of friends they invite but they are not permitted to use the pool and hot tubs.

    To avoid non-residents using our amenities, you may be asked to show your room key to prove you are residing at Sandy Point Beach Club.

    Visitors are not allowed entry on the premises after 9pm and all visitors must depart by 12 midnight.
  2. Parents are expected to supervise their children at all times and to ensure they do not make a nuisance of themselves, disrupting the peaceful enjoyment of the resort by others.

    Occupants will be held accountable for any damage to Club’s property by their children or their guest.
  3. There is no lifeguard on duty. Children under age twelve (12) are not permitted to use the swimming pool and hot tubs unsupervised.
  4. After 5:00pm children under twelve (12) are not permitted to use the hot tubs. The Banyan Tree hot tub is off limits to children under twelve (12) years.
  5. Use of the Sauna and exercise room is restricted to those eighteen (18) years and over.
  6. Sandy Point Beach Club is for quiet and peaceful enjoyment. Management will not permit loud partying late into the night, excessive noise, and loud music, creating a nuisance or any sort of disruptive behavior. All portable electrical devices including mobile phones must not be
    used without headphones in public areas.
  7. Hours of use for all amenities are 8:00am - 11:00pm.

    Be advised that hot tubs and swimming pools will be chemically treated after 11:00pm. Use of either after 11:00pm could be hazardous to your health. Hot tubs must not be used once they are shut down.
  8. On leaving your apartment, please ensure all windows and doors are locked. Sandy Point Beach Club does not accept liability for loss of money or other items either from the apartments or from public areas. Security boxes are available in all apartments.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to remove poolside, beach, and clubhouse or deck furniture from their respective areas.
  10. Use of the Club House is not permitted after midnight.


  1. Check-in-time is from 4:00 p.m. Check-out time is before 10:00 a.m. Failure to check out by the appointed time will result in the payment of a fine.
  2. Apartments are to be left reasonably clean and all dishes washed. Failure to comply will result in the payment of a fine.
  3. On checking in, a credit card imprint is required. You are expected to check to ensure that all items listed on the apartment’s inventory sheet are in fact there. Report any missing, broken or damaged items to the Front Desk within twenty-four (24) hours of checking in. After this you will be held accountable for missing, broken or damaged items, fittings or furniture. Members are not required to pay a security deposit.
  4. Bathroom towels are strictly for use in the apartments and must not be removed for use in other areas.
  5. Towels and items of clothing must not be hung over the upstairs balconies or in any public area. Kindly hang them on the rails provided.
  6. Air conditioners must be turned off when windows and doors are kept open.
  7. The Club’s permitted maximum occupancy for the various types of apartments is as follows:

    Garden Villa: 4BR, 3 bathrooms - 10 persons
    Beach Villa: 3 BR, with bunk alcove - 8 persons
    Garden Apartments: 2 BR, with bunk alcove - 8 persons
    Courtyard Apartments: 2 BR, with bunk alcove - 10 persons & Murphy bed
    A plus unit (upstairs): 1 BR, with/without loft - 7 persons
    A type unit (upstairs): 1 BR with loft - 6 persons
    B plus unit (downstairs): 1 BR - 6 persons
    B type unit (downstairs): Studio - 4 persons

    All occupants of the apartments must be registered at the Front Desk. Any changes in occupancy during the course of the week must also be registered.

    A penalty fee per head will be charged for exceeding the apartment quota. No more than two extra heads will be permitted at any time, including children under age two years. There is no charge for children under age two. No extra heads are allowed in the Courtyard units. Where abuse of the above ruling is suspected, Management reserves the right to withdraw approval for all visitors to the apartment and to bar entry to all but those registered as occupants, in accordance with the rules of the Club governing the permitted maximum occupancy applicable to each type of unit.

    Visitors who are not registered occupants must leave the Resort before midnight (12am).
  8. SPBC is a membership Club. It therefore requires that non-members who are not bona fide guests of Club members become temporary members of the Club for the duration of their stay by way of payment of a temporary membership fee charged per apartment per week. (Bona fide guests are those actually staying with a Club member in his/her apartment. The member is not permitted to register and leave, but must stay in the apartment with the guest). Occupants of privately owned apartments under Club Management are exempt.
  9. Recreational and other items made available to you, either complimentary or on payment of a fee, must be signed out. They must be returned by 8:00pm on Thursday. You will be charged for these items if they are lost, broken or damaged.
  10. Lost keys entail the changing of the lock in question for obvious security reasons. You will be charged in full for all costs incurred by the Club.